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Options Laboratory Strategist and Reeally! are no longer offered for sale.

The first version of Options Laboratory was written in 1973. The program went through many incarnations, but times have changed.

Reeally! and Options Laboratory remain indispensable for a certain circle of people. I intend to continue making them available to existing, registered customers, and to provide support on a personal basis, especially to people with customized versions. These two programs are likely to continue working for years, but I don't anticipate further development of them.

I haven't removed all links to Options Lab from this page, because I'm considering distributing it as a free, educational package. But neither program is presently available unless you already have a copy. Email

Roger Ison

I'll use this web site to blog about whatever interesting ideas arise - mostly, but not exclusively, investing. Let me know what you find interesting.

1 March 2006 - A new commentary on Joel Greenblatt's pop-hit, The Little Book That Beats The Market.