Browse window

The Browse window is provided as a convenience to help you download option price chains. This window displays an "embedded" copy of Microsoft Internet Explorer, and includes a few simple navigation controls.

The places button opens a pop-up menu of relevant URLs (web page addresses). You can pick one, or type an address into the input text box next to the goto button. Typing the [Enter] key or clicking the goto button sends the browser to the indicated URL. The prev, next, and stop buttons affect browser navigation in the obvious ways. For an explanation of the print button, go here.

The browse window has two primary purposes. First, it is used to obtain delayed price quotes from the Chicago Board Options Exchange web site, which allows you to download free option chains provided the method used is manual entry (you have to type in the ticker symbol) and you use a web browser. Options Laboratory conforms to these two requirements, by using an embedded copy of Internet Explorer to do the work.

The easiest way to retrieve an option chain is as follows:

This causes the following actions:

If you encounter problems downloading option chains, you can read additional information here.

Alternatively, you can operate the embedded web browser directly. This requires additional steps.

A third method is to use your web browser independently of Options Laboratory, navigate yourself to the delayed quotes page, enter the ticker and download the chain, then switch to Options Laboratory and choose Import option chain from the File menu.

Note that the File | User preferences menu provides a dialog where you can change the URL used to access the delayed quotes page, and also the location where the file is saved in your computer. For example, if you subscribe to the CBOE's real-time data service, you might want to change URL where quotes are retrieved to the relevant page.