Index to Options Laboratory help

Browse window (downloads)

Chains window
    how to download option price quotes
    problems downloading price data
    quick-trades shortcut
    implied volatility estimate

Decay (theta)
    of option in Trades window

    in Chains window
    in Trades window
    in Graph window (share equivalent risk)

Environment panel
    date and price
    interest rate and dividend
    option chain button
    option position files
    ticker, stock or index

Exchange indicator

Fair value
    fair value option chain
    of options in Trades window

Graphs window
    price range
    projection date
    separate lines for each option in combination
    use mouse to read graph values


Nearby options

Net current position (Trades window)
    days remaining
    fair value
    price on
    units and value

Offline - using the program when no option chain is available for download

Option Chain
    download option chain 
    fair value option chain
    import option chain
    quick trades

Option symbols

Quick trades

Quotes: last, bid, ask

Persistent option volatilities

Price range

Probability weighted graph
    how computed
    what it means
    how to use it

Profit/loss or payoff graph
    separate lines for each option

Projection date

Proxy server settings (for use on Local Area Networks)

Recording transactions
    quick trades
    Trades window
    transaction types

Registering your copy of Options Laboratory™
    how to obtain a permanent registration key
    how to install your permanent key into the program

Share equivalent risk (delta)

    adding or revising strategies

Support and contact information

Theta (time decay)
    in Trades window

Trades window
    entering and editing transactions
    net current position
    net current value
    transaction types

Transaction types (Quote, Buy, Sell, Exercise, Expire)

Trial version of software

User preference settings

    computed by Chains window
    using the volatility scatter plot
    persistent option volatilities