Trial versions and permanent registration key

Options Laboratory is distributed in two versions. The trial version, which is freely downloadable from Mantic's web site at has two restrictions:

  1. On alternating days, the trial version will allow downloading ticker symbols that begin with the letters "A" through "M" or "N" through "Z".
  2. Although you can change or add strategies, the changes are not permanent. They only last for the session, and are lost when you shut down the program. 

The trial version cannot be converted to a permanent, unrestricted version of the program. This is a change from Mantic's previous policy, which allowed the trial version to be directly converted to a registered program.

When you purchase an unrestricted product from Mantic, you will receive a permanent registration key and password to a private area within our web site. You can then download an unrestricted version of the program, and install it on your computer with your registration key. 

Your permanent key can be used to install the program on another machine, and is required to install future upgrades. Please record the key on paper in a safe place so you can re-install Options Laboratory if your computer fails catastrophically, or if you buy a new machine.

How to obtain a permanent key

We accept Visa and MasterCard credit cards. To purchase a key, please contact Mantic Software Corporation:

Mantic Software Corporation
5918 Jordan Drive
Loveland, Colorado USA 80537

800-730-2919 voice within USA
970-669-3599 voice internationally

You can also order a key via our fax number at 970-663-7431. Please be sure your fax message includes the following information:

- your name as it appears on your credit card
- card account number and expiration date
- name of issuing bank if the card was not issued in the United States
- your telephone or fax number
- mailing address where the sales receipt should be sent

How to install your permanent key

After downloading and installing your unrestricted version of Options Laboratory, you must install your personal registration key to enable all the features of the program.

To install your key, choose Registration key from the program's Help menu. (Note that the Help menu is not the same as the Help button on the speed bar.) Enter your key in the appropriate box of the dialog window, then click the Install new key button.

When entering your key, it is necessary to properly enter alphabetic characters in upper or lower case, exactly as they were given to you. That is, "A" is not the same as "a" when entering a registration key.

The easiest way to enter your registration key exactly is to use the Windows copy and paste functions (ctrl-C and ctrl-V) on your keyboard, as described in the email you will receive with the registration key.