Options Laboratory™ Strategist

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Product description

Options Laboratory™ Strategist is the newest product in our 10-year history of providing excellent option analysis software. It is by far the best, most powerful and easiest-to-use option product we've ever created. 

You may be familiar with Mantic's reputation for a sober, mathematically oriented approach to finance and investing. We don't exaggerate, we don't over-promise, and we provide a tool - our Reeally! portfolio tracking and performance measurement package - that measures true investment results. We've never bragged about our products, which are sold mostly by word-of-mouse; so when we say that Options Laboratory Strategist is a truly outstanding investment tool, we do not speak lightly. If you're a serious options position trader who seeks only the most promising situations, this product can transform your trading practice and results. 

The program's power lies in its ability to screen and evaluate thousands of option combinations, selecting only the best possibilities. A typical option chain (the bid/ask quotes on all the current options for a stock) can easily have 100 or 150 options. Leave aside the fact that each option is quoted on three or four exchanges. Then for any two-option strategy you choose, there will be 10,000 to 20,000 possible combinations of two options chosen from the chain. Without a software tool, what are your chances of finding the best combination among all of these, taking into account the structure of your favorite strategies and the current bid/ask prices?

Options Laboratory Strategist allows you to define your own detailed strategies, including stringent rules and conditions that you specify to identify situations that meet your personal criteria. You can define as many strategies and variations as you want. It's quick, easy and flexible.

Strategist will download a complete option chain, and generate and score all the combinations that meet your criteria. Everything else is excluded. Suppose you want to find the best "split synthetic" positions. Your strategy rule for split synthetics might direct the program to identify only combinations meeting these requirements:

The program will find all such combinations for the stock you select in the blink of an eye. Every combination is scored statistically as to probability of profit and expected return. Double-click any listed combination to instantly see a complete, graphical presentation including payoff, share equivalent risk (share-weighted delta exposure), probability weighted graphs, time decay and all the other important option analytics.

Click this link to read the illustrated, on-line manual provided with Options Laboratory Strategist. It's a full-featured modeling program that gives clear, easy to understand graphical answers to questions like these:

The answers to such questions are rarely obvious, and getting them right can make a huge difference in your trading results. With tools and understanding, you can do much better than simply guessing. Options Laboratory uses advanced statistical and modeling methods to deliver easy-to-interpret visual and graphical answers to questions like these -- in dollar terms, for the actual trades you set up.

Of course, the program handles all the option basics simply and naturally. The entire option chain is there for you to browse and use. The program's analytical functions are all "live", so when you change any parameter such as volatility, all graphs and calculations are instantly updated. Use our "volatility scatter plot" to examine the volatility structure of the entire option chain, and make excellent estimates of future stock price volatility. 

Use Options Laboratory to track your open positions over time, adjusting them as prices change and you make additional trades.

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The program is designed for Microsoft Windows® XP. It may also work with Windows 2000, but is not supported on that system.  

Click this link to download a free trial copy of Options Laboratory Strategist.

Click this link to read the program's complete, illustrated on-line help file.

The downloaded file is about 5 megabytes in size. The download operation transfers an installer file called OL3DEMO.EXE to your PC. When asked, please save this file to your desktop or any other convenient place. After the file transfer is complete, simply execute the installer one time (by double-clicking its icon) to install Options Laboratory. Afterward, you can discard the installer file.